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Laser Dentistry

Read more about laser dentistry and how we incorporate it.

Coming Soon to Washington Pediatric Dentistry

Our office will offer laser dentistry, which eliminates the need for anesthesia and the use of the drill for dental procedures in most cases.

Dental lasers have made it possible to provide pain-free and comfortable dental fillings while virtually eliminating the need for local anesthetic injections or chemicals. No numb and swollen lips or tongue! It selectively removes only the decayed portion of the tooth so that it is possible to conserve healthy tooth structure. Gum and tissue surgeries are also possible painlessly. Wounds heal significantly faster and there is no scar tissue formation.

What Can Be Done With the Laser?

  • The removal of decay and cavity preparation before treatment
  • As a soft-tissue surgery tool – useful in Frenectomy and Gingivectomy procedures
  • To treat apthous ulcers (canker sores)
  • Infant Frenectomy (release tongue and lip tie) so that breastfeeding can be done
  • And most procedures can be done without using anesthetics and drills!