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Office Policies

Our policies on appointments and procedures.

Parent Participation

In Preventive Procedures

For your comfort one parent or guardian is welcome but not required to accompany your child to the operatory. We do encourage self-independence to help promote the growth and development of your child. For the safety and privacy of the other patients all others, including children that are not scheduled at this appointment, are asked to remain in the reception room. Young children in the reception room will need a supervisory adult.

In Operative / Restorative Procedures

Although it is not recommended, one parent or guardian is allowed in treatment areas during operative procedures if you feel your presence will benefit your child. For the safety of your child, the staff and the doctor, we ask that you assume the role of a silent observer during treatment.


At all initial and recall exam appointments the following services will be completed for your child: exam, prophylaxis (cleaning), radiographs as deemed appropriate by the doctor for the exam, fluoride treatment, and preventive sealants.

Operative / Restorative Appointments

We will make every attempt to treat your child in a manner that is safe for not only your child but also office staff. If we attempt to perform operative treatment on your child and he/she is unable to be treated due to significant uncooperative behavior that cannot be safely managed, other options for treatment will be discussed.

Rescheduling or Cancelling

We request that, should you have to cancel or reschedule your child’s appointment, you provide us at least 24 hours’ notice. If two broken/missed appointments occur or two cancellations without at least 24 hours’ notice, we reserve the right NOT to schedule any subsequent appointments. We also reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $50 per child.

We reserve the right to schedule certain types of appointments (fillings, extractions, cleanings, etc.) at specific times of the day.